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Savory Cheese Souffle

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  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Video Length: 10:59
  • Course: Eggs and Dairy WTF?

Souffles have a reputation for being difficult, but by following a few basic steps you can prepare a perfect one every time. Choose the right vessel: Select a ramekin with straight sides so the souffle rises evenly. Be sure to coat the inside with butter - be thorough, any uncoated part of the ramekin will cause your souffle to stick. You'll also want to whip well. Start by whipping your egg whites slowly, then gradually increase your speed. Otherwise, the air bubbles will be bigger, thus creating a less stable souffle. Go for medium-stiff peaks - if they're too stiff, the souffle will be too dry and not structurally stable. If they're not stiff enough, the souffle won't hold shape. Finally, be sure to fold the whites into your batter mixture a little at a time. If you dump it all in at once, you'll lose the air you've worked so hard to incorporate. And once you've got them in the oven, there's no turning back - be prepared to serve immediately.

CJ Jacobsen (Season 3)

A true Californian at heart, CJ is a private chef who has worked for the likes of author and columnist Arianna Huffington and the Marciano Family of the Guess Corporation. An ex-volleyball player standing at 6'8" -- it seems everyone looks up to him. CJ is motivated to live life to the fullest having overcome testicular cancer. He has a competitive spirit and the utmost confidence in his culinary skills.