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Introduction to Beef - The Cuts

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  • Difficulty: easy
  • Video Length: 04:45
  • Course: Beef, Lamb and Offal WTF?

Meat is muscle tissue and meat from a high active muscle is best braised, and has high flavor, but tough texture. A lesser active muscle, such as tenderloin has less flavor. Becoming familiar with the different cuts will ensure that you choose the best meat for your dish. Lamb and beef are similar in cuts, but typically leg of lamb is the most commonly used, along with the shank. Prepare a French-trimmed rack of lamb for a dramatic presentation.

Marcel Vigneron (Season 2)

Marcel has always believed that cooking is a form of expression where chefs can show their creativity, complexity and enticement. It is these qualities that landed him a spot on this season's Top Chef. Serving as a teacher's assistant at the Culinary Institute of America, Marcel studied molecular gastronomy and butchery among other complex topics. He currently holds the title of Master Cook at Joel Robuchon and says that his nine-course tasting menu got him hired right on the spot.