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Pate Sucre - Summer Berry Tart

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  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Video Length: 23:06
  • Course: Just Desserts WTF?

The basis of this recipe is what's called a "pate sucre" - a basic sweet crust that is delicate with a light snap. This dough is made in a fruit processor since it doesn't rely so much on the incorporation of air. You'll know the dough is ready when you pinch a piece of it together and it holds instead of falling apart. Roll it out until it's 2-3 inches wider than your tart pan. Another good trick is to roll the dough around your pin to transfer it to the pan. Here, we also introduce you the concept of blind baking - that's another term for baking a shell by itself.

Dale Levitski (Season 3)

Chicago native Dale has been a chef for six years, with plans underway to open his own restaurant. Whether he's cooking four-star meals, diving, or doing gymnastics, Dale's competitive edge is undeniable. He has created something he calls "flavor math," where the right number of spices can bring the perfect flavor and taste. He uses French American cultural influences in his cooking, and is serious about putting his skills to the ultimate test. He loves the fact that the other contestants could be "out-cooked by a queer." Dale will say what everyone else is thinking.