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Introduction to Marinades - Asian Beef Marinade

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  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Video Length: 17:49
  • Course: Sauces and Salads WTF?

Marinades not only flavor meat, they also tenderize it. This is the best way to prepare meat before grilling. Some basic ingredients are required of all marinades - most notably, salt (which can take the form of Soy sauce) and an acid (either as vinegar, citrus, or dairy products like yogurt or buttermilk). Salt flavors the meat and acid tenderizes it. When marinating, refrigerate the meat and make sure it's completely covered in the marinade - either by submerging it or turning it regularly. Choose the marinade to match the meat: lemon/rosemary flavors for chicken, oregano/cumin/parsley/yogurt for lamb, and soy sauce/citrus/vinegar for beef. These are just basic combinations - enhance them further with our recipes or your own.

Spike Mendelsohn (Season 4)

Spike works as the chef de cuisine at Tribeca's new hotspot restaurant, Mai House, owned by the renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent. Mai House was named as one of the New York Times' top ten best new restaurants of 2007. Born in Montreal, Canada and trained in classic French cuisine in restaurants around the world. Spike has worked with Gerard Boyer at Les Crayeres, Thomas Keller at Bouchon and The Maccioni Family at Le Cirque. Spike believes in learning the basics to become the best. His latest venture is opening a new chain, Good Stuff Eatery, with his family (first location opening in Washington D.C. later this year) The new restaurant features his weaknesses -- hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and milkshakes.