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Reverse Spherification - Passionfruit "Ravioli"

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  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Video Length: 11:21
  • Course: Molecular and Advanced WTF?

Precision is key when it comes to reverse spherification. For instance, some measurements are so precise they're measured to a tenth of a gram. Though we use an immersion blender in this recipe, you can use a standard bar blender if that's all you have. You can also make your sodium alganate bath in advance - up to a week ahead of time if you choose. The heart of this recipe is the chemical reaction between the alganate and the passion fruit/yogurt mixture. During this reaction, the yogurt liquid forms a gel around itself, thus changing the liquid into a solid.

Richard Blais (Season 4)

Richard is not only a chef, but also a culinary designer, working all over the east coast. He and his wife reside in Atlanta, Georgia with their two weimaraners and are expecting their first child in the spring. He is known for his innovative and personal take on classical cuisine and has studied under luminaries such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, and Ferran Adria. Richard believes cooking is an art and a craft and food is meant to stimulate on many levels. He incorporates global ingredients, modern cooking methods, wit and a sense of humor to all his food. He says if he were a food he would be an artichoke. "It's tough, difficult to work with, even dangerous at its core; but when you come down to it, it's simple, beautiful and delicious."