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Cakes I - Classic Yellow Cake

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  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Video Length: 20:19
  • Course: Just Desserts WTF?

This yellow cake lesson contains tips you'll use for just about any cake. Here are the highlights: Cream butter and sugar correctly - remember, room temperature on your butter. Plan ahead to make sure your butter's at the right temp. When whipping, look for a pale yellow color. Whipping beyond that will cause the butter to collapse. A combination of cake flour and regular flour gives the cake both body and lightness. Remember, butter and flour the edges and bottom of your pan thoroughly. That way you can pop it from the pan with ease when it's done.

Dale Levitski (Season 3)

Chicago native Dale has been a chef for six years, with plans underway to open his own restaurant. Whether he's cooking four-star meals, diving, or doing gymnastics, Dale's competitive edge is undeniable. He has created something he calls "flavor math," where the right number of spices can bring the perfect flavor and taste. He uses French American cultural influences in his cooking, and is serious about putting his skills to the ultimate test. He loves the fact that the other contestants could be "out-cooked by a queer." Dale will say what everyone else is thinking.