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Principles of Grilling: Grilled Ribeyes

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  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Video Length: 08:04
  • Course: Technique II: Grill and Roast WTF?

Grilling is perfect for steak, chicken, fish or vegetables. There are a variety of methods and techniques, but here are the basics you should remember: Always keep your grill clean, and before you begin cooking, heat your grill to the appropriate temperature. Coal-cooking will take about 45 minutes of pre-heating. A thick ash on the coals indicates low heat, a light grey ash indicates medium heat and glowing red means high heat. Put three layers of coals on one side and one layer on the other to give you hotter and cooler zones for cooking. Check your heat zones with your hand - place it palm-down at cooking height over the area of the grill you want to check and see how long you can keep it there. Five seconds is low heat, four seconds is medium heat, three seconds is medium-high heat, and two seconds is high heat. For direct cooking, place the food right over the flame or coals. Use indirect grilling for more delicate foods. Keep a hot zone and a medium/cooler zone - the former for searing and marking and the latter for cooking the food through. Use marinades for direct grilling to lock in flavor and moisture. Marinades without sugar can be added throughout cooking. If your marinade contains sugar, add it at the end of cooking so it doesn't burn. For the perfect grilled rib eye, follow the recipe you see on the next tab. As a few tips, check doneness with a meat thermometer, or with pressure. Press the steak with your index finger or the flat of your fork - a rare steak is soft, a medium steak is firm but yielding and a well steak is firm. And above all else, remember to let steaks rest 5-10 minutes before serving.

Ariane Duarte (Season 5)

Ariane is the chef/owner of CulinAriane, a four-star restaurant located in Montclair, N.J. She was inspired to cook at a young age by her grandmothers. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, she worked at some of the best restaurants in the country before she and her husband, Michael, opened CulinAriane. While much of her time is spent at her restaurant, she loves spending time with her daughters, especially at the beach. She also enjoys entertaining for family and friends. Her strong belief is that anything can be fixed and to keep smiling.